Zune Arts Keyrings on the web shop


Tinashe with a selection of his beaded craft work

I am delighted to have a selection of work from Zunde Crafts in eye2eye shop and also available today from the web shop.
These beautiful keyrings are so well made and support a fantastic young enterprise in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe.

Tinashe set up Zunde Arts & Crafts in this high density township of Harare. The aim of Zunde is to support and encourage ambitious young artists, from grass roots communities and underprivileged social background, to pursue their artistic skills.
This provides a source of income and a livelihood to enable the youngsters to support themselves. The project grew from a love of arts and a commitment to work in collaboration with each other, to avoid involvement in anti social activities, as a solution to poverty.
These keyrings are intricately woven, using wire and beads with great skill and attention to detail.
Each keyrings is designed and made by hand, and therefore a unique piece of art from a young person in Zimbabwe.

The keyrings vary in size between 5cms & 11cms depending on the design.

Please state which keyring you would prefer in ‘Other Details’ on the bottom of the order form.
Here are the animal options to choose from:
Bumble bee

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