Traidcraft launch new Fairtrade Cleaning Range

The world’s first Fairtrade marked household cleaning range
Cleaning with meaning

Traidcraft news February 2014
Available from eye2eye FairTrade March 2014



Traidcraft, the UK’s leading fair trade organisation, has launched the world’s first Fairtrade marked household cleaning range – made using FairPalm, fair trade palm oil.

The Clean & Fair household cleaning range is eco-friendly and made using natural, plant-based ingredients including palm oil and coconut oil sourced from farmers and processors in some of the world’s poorest regions.

The Clean & Fair range comprises:

• Lavender & Aloe Vera Handwash – contains natural moisturising ingredients to leave hands clean and soft.
• Lemon Citrus Washing Up Liquid – cuts through grease and dirt to leave dishes fresh and clean.
• Lavender Breeze Laundry Liquid – a concentrated non-biological laundry liquid with effective natural cleaning at all temperatures.
• Lemon & Lime Multi-Surface Cleaner – a non-abrasive cleaner suitable for surfaces around the home.

Larry Bush, Traidcraft Marketing Director, says:

“We’re thrilled to unveil the world’s first household cleaning range to carry the Fairtrade mark. Traidcraft has always innovated and pioneered new ways of bringing the benefits of fair trade to more producers and farmers across the developing world – with this new household cleaning range, we’ve helped farmers in Ghana to produce fair trade palm oil and sourced fair trade coconut oil from farmers in India. When you choose Clean & Fair then you choose to invest in the future of fair trade palm and coconut oil and a future that will transform communities in Ghana and India.”

Also from Traidcraft, Clean and Fair soap bars, with no artificial colours or fragrances:
Pure soap – with coconut and palm oil
Honey and Orange soap – with natural essential oils, honey, coconut and palm oil
Both available from the end of April 2014

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