Do you have Hay Fever? Try this:


Do you have Hay Fever?
Hay fever can be completely debilitating for those who are very senstive to pollen. I’ve been doing a little bit of research and discovered there are a number of things you can try from the kitchen larder, that may help to ease symptoms:

Local honey
There is so much anecdotal evidence suggesting the efficacy of local honey in the easing of symptoms. It is crucial to eat honey local to your area, so that the bees are collecting pollen from the flowering plants to which you might be reacting. You also need to eat honey all year round to build up your immunity, so stock up! Honey lasts for years, so buy two at a time, one for this year, one for next, so you can get a head start on the blossoming plants.
Local bees have been slow to produce this year, so new stock of local honey is due to come into eye2eye this month. It is on its way!
Foods to eat that bring relief:
carrots, spinach, beetroot, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, apricots
Chamomile tea is soothing to drink and tea bags make a soothing compress for sore eyes (I have free samples of Chamomile in the shop this week, if you would like to try it.)
Green tea and mint tea are also considered helpful against symptoms, Qi make the best green tea and I have Pukka Three Mint Tea, which is deliciously soothing for anyone to drink.
Try a few drops of oil of chamomile and lemon on a hot damp cloth on your face and breath in the vapour to ease symptoms
Taking extra vitamin C and Zinc can also help.
You could also try putting Vaseline or coconut oil in the lower nostrils. The idea behind this is to catch allergens as they enter the nose and prevent them from entering your body. (Check for sensitivity to coconut before you do this)
It might be worth a try, and save you the worst of the symptoms.
Best Wishes for good health this Summer!