Spouting beans and lentils and Hummus recipe!

We love sprouting seeds and beans here at eye2eye FairTrade. My favourite is mung beans, when they’re just a couple of millimeters long they’re delicious! It only takes a few days at most, and it couldn’t be easier to start sprouting.

We have this excellent, good value for money sprouter at the shop.

It comes with a set of seeds to start you off, or I have a good selection of beans and lentils you can experiment with, including an organic sprouting mix, if you want to try a range and see which are your favourites. Healthy, RAW energy-packed food in its simplest form. Great with a mixed leaf salad to add some crunch and texture. Try them when they’re young, just 2 or 3 days is long enough to grow a tasty healthy snack! Or try blending them when they’re a bit bigger with 1 tablespoon each of Equal Exchange fairtrade organic natural tahin, lemon juice (look out for fairtrade lemons in the supermarket), Zaytoun fairtrade organic olive oil and a clove of garlic, for a twist on hummus. All fairtade ingredients are available at eye2eye shop.

If you have a favourite sprouting recipe, let me know about it. We’ll start a sprouting recipe book!

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