Traidcraft Exotic fruit Geo Muesli 750g

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great tasting muesli made with fairtrade ingredients by Alara for Traidcraft.

Ingredients: Jumbo Oats, Raisins [28.3%]: [*Raisins (17.6%), *Chilean Flame Raisins (10.5%), Non-Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil], Malted Wheat Flakes: [Wheat, Malt (from Barley)], Honey Oats: [Oats, Honey, Vegetable Oil], Dried Pineapple (5.7%): [Pineapple, Sugar, Preservative :Sulphur Dioxide], Dried Papaya (5.7%): [Papaya, Sugar, Preservative :Sulphur Dioxide], Sunflower Seeds (3.2%), *Dates (2.8%), **Dried Banana [1.4%]: [Dried Banana, Non-hydrogenated Vegetable Oil].

Exotic Fruit Muesli 750g


Price: £4.25

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