James White Beet It energy drink in stock


Here’s what the producers say about Beet It. . .

Organic beetroot juice – the natural nitric oxide and stamina booster

The delicious taste is a result of a combination of fresh beetroot juice (90%) and fresh apple juice (10%) which is used to smooth over the naturally earthy taste of beetroot.

As well as boosting oxygen levels, research has shown that it does wonders for blood pressure too.

Because we understand that the taste of beetroot isn’t for everyone, we were lucky enough to have the England Rugby team as our guinea pigs for the prototype Beet It shots. Just 7cl of concentrated beetroot juice delivers the equivalent in dietary nitrate (5mMol) as 250ml of juice. The shot is cut with lemon juice (1%) and neither tastes nor smells distinctly of beetroot. Already regarded as the new ‘superfuel’ for athletes, the shots are a firm favourite of the sporting elite and ideal for those on the go. Our organic energy shot promises to offer nothing but natural goodness.

Visit the dedicated Beet It website at www.beet-it.com to find out more about the magical powers of beetroot

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