Homemade Mayonnaise recipe with cold pressed Rapeseed Oil

The Fruity Farmer Rapeseed oil is selling fast at Eye2eye FairTrade Shop and for good reason, it is delicious! I have been using it in all kinds of recipes, including bread making and it is an excellent Oil for salad dressings. It makes a beautifully deep yellow mayonnaise, here’s a quick recipe for your own, homemade Mayo for you to try:
I make mine in a food processor, it’s quick and simple to make:
1/2 pint of The Fruity Farmer cold pressed rapeseed oil
1/4 pint fairade organic olive oil
1 large egg (Jannine Worthington’s eggs, available from eye2eye are the best by far)
tblspn Biona organic apple cider vinegar
Pinch of salt and pepper to taste
Put the egg, vinegar and seasoning in your processor and mix for a minute until emulsified.
run the processor and slowly drizzle in the oils one at a time, until the mayonnaise is thick and creamy.
There you have it, It’s as simple as that.
For variations you can add herbs, or your favourite spices, The little Smokehouse smoked paprika is particularly good, or replace the vinegar with lemon juice for a lemony kick.
Have fun making your own variations!

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