End of an era at Wolverton Farmers’ Market

After 6 years attending Wolverton Farmers’ Market I have made the decision to withdraw and concentrate on eye2eye Shop in Wollaston Courtyard.

I would like to send out a very BIG THANK YOU, to all those regular customers who have supported me at the market in Milton Keynes. You have been wonderful. I hope that you will visit the shop in Wollaston now and again to see what I am up to, and enjoy all that it has to offer. Wolverton Farmers’ Market organisers are unusual in that this is the only Farmers’ Market that I know of that has been open-minded enough to allow a Fairtrade stall to take part, and for that I have been very grateful indeed.

You can still purchase goodies via the website, or by contacting me directly via email. I am always interested to hear your thoughts and feedback.

The shop is demanding more of my time and energy, now that it is has been in Wollaston Courtyard for over 3 years, and rightly I must focus all my attention and energy on ensuring it continues to grow and be a successful resource for the local community and surrounding area here.
It is exciting times for eye2eye Shop.


I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at eye2eye FairTrade Shop soon!

Seeing eye2eye with Fairtrade,


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