This simple recipe makes a delicious dinner party starter or topping for a tasty snack and is regularly requested by family members and dinner guests at the Casey-Green household. I make it the night before needed usually, so that the flavours have time to infuse and the pate has time to set.
I believe the original recipe was from an old Cranks recipe book, the original included blue cheese, but I’m not a great fan of the blue ‘twang’ it leaves on my taste buds and this version works just as well without it.

You will need a food processor, which makes quick work of the blending. The recipe is easily adapted for vegans, replacing the cottage cheese with a vegan yoghurt and using creamy Sheese, or Toffuti as the base, Vegamigo hard cheese, or strong cheddar style Sheese will also work well as alternatives.

I think the tablespoon of sherry is an essential ingredient to the finished taste, but you could try Biona’s Organic apple cider vinegar, or a very good balsamic, such as Cape Treasures fig infused Balsamic vinegar, a Fairtrade product new to eye2eye Shop, but so utterly delicious, it is destined to become a regular feature in the shop. Balsamic vinegar will affect the colour of the finished pate, but should add the required acidity to balance the cheese in the pate.


1/2 tub cream cheese, full fat is best, but half fat will work.
200g strong cheddar
100g cottage cheese
1 tbspn dry sherry
Pinch of salt
Pepper to taste
1 tsp Mixed herbs & seasoning to roll the cheese in at the end


Place all the ingredients in a food processor (apart from the additional herbs for rolling the cheese)
Blend until smooth
Taste the mixture for seasoning and balance accordingly.

Lay-out a 12inch square piece of recycled foil onto a flat surface and loosely sprinkle the mixed herbs & seasoning at one end on the foil.

Turn the cheese pate out onto the herby side of the foil and roll the cheese from one end, by pulling the foil across the pate, from one side, to within an inch of the other side.
The foil will stick to the cheese, this is fine, once chilled it will peel away.
Gently fold the ends and the sides of the foil down around the cheese pate, to tightly encapsulate it.
Chill the cheese for at least 30 minutes before serving.

Serve with rustic bread, savoury wholemeal scones or Most Marvellous seeded crackers.

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