Elderflower Fizz Recipe

Elderflower Fizz is the perfect Summer drink and so easy to make. No yeast is needed to start the fermentation and it is ready to drink in three weeks. It’s important to pick the freshest flowers when they are creamy white, once they start to drop or turn brownish, it will affect the taste. You can find flowering elderflower during May and June in hedgerows around the country. (Check in the library or online for the exact flowers, if you are not sure what you are picking). There is nothing better or more satisfying, than roaming around in the outdoors, picking fresh fruit and in this case flowers, to enjoy preparing at home for future foodie delights. Many thanks to my favourite go-to book, ‘All Good Things Around Us’ on which this recipe is based.

What you will need:

10 fresh elderflower heads (about 1 litre of flowers removed from their stalks)
Remember to gently shake the flowers to remove any insects beforehand.
Juice of 2 small lemons
5 litres of water
Large pan, or large clean bowl
Strong screw top bottles
(I start my fizz off in a pressure cooker pan, it is the perfect size for this recipe, and once the lid is on, it keeps the air out well.)

Carefully remove all the flower heads from their stalks, add flowers with lemon juice to your pan or bowl and pour over the water. Stir thoroughly with a wooden spoon, cover the pan or bowl with a weighted plate to exclude the air.
Leave for 24 hours.
Strain into jugs and from there into clean, strong glass bottles with tight filling lids. Allow a couple of centimetres at the top of the bottles and screw the lids on tightly.
Drink within 3-4 weeks, as it will not keep indefinitely.