I am fortunate indeed to have raw honey producer, Marc Line as a supplier of his most excellent Beeline Raw Honey at eye2eye FairTrade Shop.

The shop has been selling Beeline Raw Honey for a year now and almost as soon as it arrives, it sells out. Testament to its superior taste and to the work that Marc puts in to ensure his bees are well cared for, in order to produce such good quality honey.
Honey has some remarkable properties. It has been used for centuries for its antibacterial activity on the body and even used as an antibiotic, there is ongoing medical research on the benefits of honey as a medicine.

The evidence for honey as an anti-allergen may be mostly anecdotal, but some hay fever sufferers swear by it, it certainly won’t harm you to try it (unless you are one of the few people who are allergic to honey of course – never give honey to babies under one year of age).
Should you want to try honey as an anti-allergen I recommend using Raw Honey all year around from a supplier within a 30 mile radius of your residence (or workplace), in order to build up immunity to the active airborne pollens around you from the start to end of the season.

The Met Office have produced this very useful poster charting when the major pollens are most active, which you may find helpful: