New range of regional apple juice at eye2eye FairTrade Shop

Delicious Watergull Orchards apple juice arriving this week at eye2eye FairTrade Shop!
Produced in Cambridgeshire from Cambridgeshire apples this wonderful apple juice range has no added sweetners, artificial colouring or preservatives.
Made from single variety apples, each apple juice has a remarkably different style and taste. Apple juice at its best!

Take a look at their website for more information on the range of juice and ciders:

Watergull Orchards

FT14 2014 Banana smoothie recipe from Traidcraft

Strawberry, banana, honey and oat smoothie

This tasty smoothie gives you a great, refreshing start to the day as well as providing you with two of your 5-a-day fruit and vegetables.



Handful of ripe strawberries
1 Fairtrade banana, peeled and sliced
25g porridge oats
1 tablespoon Traidcraft honey
150ml natural yogurt
100ml Fruit Passion apple juice


Place all the ingredients in a blender or food processor and blend to a smooth thick drink

Ingredients available from eye2eye FairTrade Shop

find the recipe here

Traidcraft launch new Fairtrade Cleaning Range

The world’s first Fairtrade marked household cleaning range
Cleaning with meaning

Traidcraft news February 2014
Available from eye2eye FairTrade March 2014



Traidcraft, the UK’s leading fair trade organisation, has launched the world’s first Fairtrade marked household cleaning range – made using FairPalm, fair trade palm oil.

The Clean & Fair household cleaning range is eco-friendly and made using natural, plant-based ingredients including palm oil and coconut oil sourced from farmers and processors in some of the world’s poorest regions.

The Clean & Fair range comprises:

• Lavender & Aloe Vera Handwash – contains natural moisturising ingredients to leave hands clean and soft.
• Lemon Citrus Washing Up Liquid – cuts through grease and dirt to leave dishes fresh and clean.
• Lavender Breeze Laundry Liquid – a concentrated non-biological laundry liquid with effective natural cleaning at all temperatures.
• Lemon & Lime Multi-Surface Cleaner – a non-abrasive cleaner suitable for surfaces around the home.

Larry Bush, Traidcraft Marketing Director, says:

“We’re thrilled to unveil the world’s first household cleaning range to carry the Fairtrade mark. Traidcraft has always innovated and pioneered new ways of bringing the benefits of fair trade to more producers and farmers across the developing world – with this new household cleaning range, we’ve helped farmers in Ghana to produce fair trade palm oil and sourced fair trade coconut oil from farmers in India. When you choose Clean & Fair then you choose to invest in the future of fair trade palm and coconut oil and a future that will transform communities in Ghana and India.”

Also from Traidcraft, Clean and Fair soap bars, with no artificial colours or fragrances:
Pure soap – with coconut and palm oil
Honey and Orange soap – with natural essential oils, honey, coconut and palm oil
Both available from the end of April 2014

Making Responsible Choices – Fairtrade Fortnight 2014

Make Bananas Fair – Stick with Foncho


How it all began. . .

Anyone who has been lucky enough to hear first hand from a banana grower from the Windward Isles, as I was in 2012, will understand how fragile their economy and livelihood were before they began trading under Fairtrade Certification. Now over 90% of banana growers in the Windward Isles are members of a Fairtrade Group (Fairtrade Foundation 2010). At that time, Anton told us that their banana crop was suffering from Blight and assistance from the Fairtrade foundation was helping them through the crisis.

Banana growing in the Windward Isles has a long standing connection with the UK, having originally been developed by British entrepreneurs with government assistance. The Windward Isles were traditionally allowed preferential tarif-free entry to the EU, because of their unique economic importance and it’s historic connection with the UK. Banana Trade is now essential to the WI economy, even though it is a small percentage of the overall global trade in bananas.

During the 1990’s the Windward Isles lost their preferential trading position because of a campaign driven by larger banana producers from other countries of the world who finally won their case. The Windward Isles share of the UK banana market subsequently fell from being almost half of the market to less than 10% as they competed with other banana producers from around the world. Consequently farmers lost their livelihoods and poverty posed a real threat to island communities.

Fairtrade has revolutionised the lives of banana farmers, ensuring safer working conditions and practice and the Fairtrade premium has enhanced the lives of their communities. Bananas are traded through farmer led organisations, for example in the Windward Isles it is WINFA, (Windward Islands Farmers Association), giving the farmers greater control, more autonomy and control over price.

Yet again banana farmers are being undermined by a price war, this time driven by the larger supermarkets, who have in recent years been selling bananas for less than their wholesale price, in order to drive down their value. A cynical practise, which is clearly unsustainable in the long term and undoubtedly will be extremely destructive for the smaller farmers.
We can stop this from happening. Join the campaign now and make your voice heard.
You can sign the petition here Fairtrade Foundation petition