Date smoothie (including vegan) recipe

With the arrival of delicious Medjoul Dates from Zaytoun this week, I started thinking about recipes for this wonderful sunny weather we are having. How about a date smoothie?

Date Smoothie Recipe
3/4 cup of whole milk
1/3 cup halved pitted dates
1/2 cup of ice

Blend the milk and dates, Refridgerate the mixture until the dates have softened
Add ice and blend until smooth and frothy
Drink it while it’s still cold and refreshing

Vegan date and banana smoothie
2 frozen bananas cut into chunks
1/3 cup of chopped dates
1 tablespoon of hemp seeds
1-2 cups almond of rice milk
1 tablespoon of nut butter
1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon to sprinkle on the top

Add all the ingredients (apart from the cinnamon) to a blender and blend until smooth.
Serve (with or without the cinnamon) enjoy immediately!

eye2eye FairTrade Shop in Phonebox magazine

image image image

Lovely article and pictures of the Offical Opening of eye2eye Shop in Phonebox magazine this week.

We have seen quite a few new visitors to Wollaston Courtyard this morning, many of whom have not visited the Yard before, including an old school friend who I haven’t seen for over 20 years (!), so a very surprising and pleasing result! You can take a look at the Phonebox article here.