March website news

Several new products are making an appearance on the webshop this month, we have bulk buying options on a number of products, particularly tea and coffee. Ideal for the work place.

Favourite product this month in the ‘Sweet Treats’ section, has to be:
Tropical Wholefoods organic fairtrade Chewy Banana Chips.

Here is some information on the producer:
Tropical Wholefoods Chewy Banana chips are sun dried in over 50 villages in Uganda, by women’s groups, co-operatives, and family groups. Tasty, versatile, great for lunches or just a mid-day snack.

The solar driers have been especially designed by Adam Brett of Tropical Wholefoods to enable village people to earn good money from sun drying excess fruits and vegetables. Some people owning solar driers have bought their driers outright. Others have been helped with loans from aid agencies such as the European Development Fund Micro-Projects Scheme (EDF) and the Agency for Co-operation and Research in Development (ACORD).

Tropical Wholefoods buy sun dried bananas at a fair price, guaranteeing prices and export markets as well as organising training and maintenance services to operators of solar driers, and where possible, helping people to get access to sources of soft finance and loan

The bananas are free from all preservatives and are extremely tasty having been dried almost immediately after harvesting.

Helen’s Herby Walnut Pesto Recipe

I wanted to make Walnut Pesto after trying it at Squeaks cafe last year with raw ‘courgette’ pasta. It was a revelation. It can be made with or without the cheese as the vegan alternative and this recipe uses fresh herby salad leaves with the basil.

Here is my easy recipe for Walnut Pesto:

200g halved or roughly chopped organic walnuts (choose fairtrade if they are available)
2 large garlic cloves
1 generous handful of each – fresh basil leaves and mixed babyleaf peppery salad (particularly watercress and rocket)
50g Parmigiano Reggiano (not essential, eliminate for vegan option)
4 tablespoons organic fairtrade Zaytoun olive Oil
1 tablespoon organic hemp oil
1 teaspoon organic toasted sesame oil
Fine Himalayan crystal or sea salt to taste

Combine all the ingredients apart from the oil, in a food processor, whiz until crumbly.
Slowly drizzle in the oil, olive oil last, while the machine is on pulse, until it reaches the desired texture. There should be enough oil to keep the paste moist and spreadable.
Refrigerate for 1 hour before use to allow the flavours to combine.
Keep refrigerated or freeze any surplus in small batches for later use.

I imagine cashew and possibly hazelnuts would be an interesting alternative to try next, I will let you know how it goes! Better still, get back to me with your variation and I will post it on the website.