New in this week fairtrade scarves and pashminas

We have a beautiful selection of new fairtrade silk and cotton scarves from York Scarves and Namaste this week.


Prices are very reasonable from just under £10 to £30. Fantastic range of colours and designs are available. Perfect for Summer as they’re light and soft. For evening we have pashminas in silk and cotton twill, including hand-painted designer silks made in the UK from FeatherG.



Light up your garden with eye2eye FairtTrade

We love these beautiful, Moroccan-style glass lanterns.

We have two style new in the shop this week

A lovely way to light your garden for a party, or to brighten a corner of your bedroom. They will take a nightlight, or the largest will hold a small candle.

They would look good in any room, with or without the night-light (but not recommended for small children). Come and take a look next time you’re passing this way.

Imonggo POS in the shop

Katy and I have just completed installation of our complete product range onto our brand new POS system called Imonggo ( Big smiles all around.

The system turns my compluter into a cash register and a lot more, it’s a joy. We were amazed how the shop has grown over the past few months – with over 600 lines (and growing by the month), it has taken us a while to get everything listed and the programme ready to use, but it was really worth the effort. I can now stock take easily and keep a close eye on product performance. It’s a great little package for a small business setting out into the world of retail. Better still it’s completely free to use for small businesses. Click the link above to see how it works. We’re another step closer to having everything in place for web selling. . . Exciting times!

Spouting beans and lentils and Hummus recipe!

We love sprouting seeds and beans here at eye2eye FairTrade. My favourite is mung beans, when they’re just a couple of millimeters long they’re delicious! It only takes a few days at most, and it couldn’t be easier to start sprouting.

We have this excellent, good value for money sprouter at the shop.

It comes with a set of seeds to start you off, or I have a good selection of beans and lentils you can experiment with, including an organic sprouting mix, if you want to try a range and see which are your favourites. Healthy, RAW energy-packed food in its simplest form. Great with a mixed leaf salad to add some crunch and texture. Try them when they’re young, just 2 or 3 days is long enough to grow a tasty healthy snack! Or try blending them when they’re a bit bigger with 1 tablespoon each of Equal Exchange fairtrade organic natural tahin, lemon juice (look out for fairtrade lemons in the supermarket), Zaytoun fairtrade organic olive oil and a clove of garlic, for a twist on hummus. All fairtade ingredients are available at eye2eye shop.

If you have a favourite sprouting recipe, let me know about it. We’ll start a sprouting recipe book!