What’s in the making of a fairtrade product. . .?

Fairtrade organic Peanut Butter

New on our shelves this month is Suma’s fairtrade organic Peanut Butter. The peanuts are sourced from two organic agricultural projects in China, one in Shadong province and the second in Inner Mongolia. The nuts are cleaned and shelled by the producers, so even more of the profits go to the producers. The Inner Mongolia peanut fields are 100 metres above sea level, so temperatures in the region can range between 38 degrees C and -33 degrees C, making it hard on the soil. This is where the fairtrade premium has come into action, providing the funding for farmers to purchase trees to plant around the peanut fields to combat erosion. This kind of approach has enabled farmers around the world to reach buyers with a diversity of products and in turn improve their livelihoods.

Trade not aid. It’s simple and genius.